The organizers of the Symposium EDP-Normandie 2015 are very pleased to welcome you to Le Havre for their annual meetings between researchers in applied mathematics. Le Havre is a commune in the Haute-Normandie region. 

The EDP Normandy 2015 conference organized under the auspices of the Federation Normandie Mathématiques  will be held in  Department of  Mathematics at the University of Le Havre

The objectives of the EDP-Normandie conference: The main aim of the conference is to bring together researchers and PhD students from all parts of the globe in order to provide a forum for sharing experience, expertise and innovative ideas on analytical and numerical investigations on time-dependent models based on Partial Differential Equations and the related applications in the applied sciences.

The sets of themes selected this year are:

  • Partial differential equations
  • Mathematical Modelling (Biology)
  • Numerical analysis of PDEs
  • Hyperbolic systems of conservation laws
  • Mathematical analysis of some equations from fluid mechanics (Navier-Stokes, Stokes)
  • Kinetic equations: Numerical schemes; fluid coupling / particles
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Nonlinear parabolic equations
  • Functional and harmonic analysis

Everything will be ready to welcome you in a friendly atmosphere.

    We look forward
    Fédération de Recherche Normandie-Mathématiques


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